A logo I recently made for Rye Delicatessen and Bar in uptown minneapolis. Photo of the sign being installed on Hennepin.



Pacifier opened a new location in the City Center in Minneapolis. I worked with the existing brand to further develop brand elements, and to give it a little more personality. This is the new brand statement wall behind the cash wrap. Photos to come!



A recent print I put together for a wedding gift.


MCAD 125th Anniversary Poster

I was asked to design a poster for MCAD's 125th anniversary. Actual size is 20"x30" printed with matte ink on matte paper. If you want one, I have extras!


Macy's dressing labels

Spotted: The labels we did for Macy's gourmet line of salad dressings.


review from city pages

Masu Sushi & Robata is state's most impressive sushi joint
It's a Japan grand slam
Written by Rachel Hutton | Photo by Sasha Landskov

Can somebody explain the pachinko machines at Masu Sushi & Robata? They look rather like smaller, vertically oriented pinball games, decked out with videos of Speed Racer and Godzilla. There are knobs to spin and buttons to push, but how these things influence the little metal ball's pinging off pegs and zipping through chutes is something of a mystery.

Masu's mini pachinko parlor, along with its bright geisha imagery, traditional sake barrels, and cartoon-like Munny dolls, are elements that Shea's design team selected to replicate the energetic rush of urban Japanese culture. But the restaurant's concept is actually much simpler than its flamboyant decor: join several powerful culinary forces to create the state's most comprehensive Japanese restaurant.

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masu patio

Masu patio railing is up!


masu coverage in The Journal

(From left) Stephan Hesse, Katsuyuki “Asan” Yamamoto, Alexander Chase and Tim McKee of Masu in Northeast.

Mighty Masu
written by Jeremy Joss | photo by Robb Long
Japanese pop culture has a long history of “combining mecha,” a trope in which multiple robots combine into a bigger, more powerful form. These amalgamated machines can defeat any adversary in their way, and their exploits have been translated for American audiences for decades.

That may seem like a strange analogy for a restaurant, but it’s surprisingly fitting for Masu Sushi & Robata. The new Japanese restaurant in Northeast brings together a notable assembly of culinary talent, and the comparison doesn’t stop there. The menu offers up a diverse selection of Japanese foods. The décor combines traditional Japanese symbols with modern American style. There’s an awareness of both time-honored traditions and sustainability for the future. With so many elements converging into one restaurant, it’s no wonder that Masu makes thoughts turn to Voltron.

While many restaurateurs might be annoyed at being compared to a cartoon, the minds behind Masu will likely be pleased to hear it. After all, the concept behind the eatery was to create a different kind of Japanese restaurant.

“We want fun and energy,” said David Shea of marketing and design firm Shea, Inc. “We don’t design restaurants. We design experiences. And Masu is an experience. It’s approachable, it’s got lots of light, lots of energy. We wanted to give the market something different.”
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Sketches for a new project. Could turn into something good?


masu in the media

Masu Sushi and Robata
Written by Peter Lilenthal on August 2011
Aspiring restauranteurs would be well-advised to take a page from the playbook of Sushi Avenue, the local food service company that recently opened Masu Sushi and Robata.

Masu Goes Beyond Sushi
Written by Rick Nelson on July 21, 2011
A winning collaboration brings flavorful attention to the art of Japanese cooking. Masu is turning out some of the most artful nigiri, sashimi, and makizushi in the Twin Cities.
The Twins should be so lucky to have an opening lineup as starry as the one at Masu Sushi & Robata.

Preview Dinner at Masu Sushi & Robata
Written by John Garland on April 18, 2011 Photos by Lars Swanson
"The vibe at Masu Sushi & Robata is equal parts authenticity and whimsy. A row of pachinko machines flank the lounge and giant geisha-eyes stare down diners while Gummi Bears and scratch-off lottery tickets adorn cocktail rims. Sprinkle in tastes from a diverse menu and a certain measure of chaos during Saturday night’s preview event, and we were left with a frantic bite of what could be a much needed shot of adrenaline in the Northeast dining scene. ..."
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Curiocity: A Sneak Peek Of Masu Sushi & Robata
Written by Sara Boyd, WCCO | photo credit CBS
"A new restaurant opening Monday in northeast Minneapolis has seemingly found the ideal balance of attracting opposites.

Masu Sushi and Robata boasts of traditional cuisine in a modern setting, combines a touch of sophistication with a nod to playful Japanese youth culture and dances from casual to chic depending on the diner’s mood.

Upon first impressions, the restaurant is truly something to behold. Sleek lines, bold colors and somewhat kitschy decorations take you straight into a modern Asian atmosphere, complete with iconic touches of Japanese culture. A pair of mysterious eyes from a Geisha model fills the back wall of the main dining area, stretching the length of the room. (Sidenote: The lovely model who lent her deep stare to the wall’s décor stopped by Saturday to see the finished product. And a film-strip-like collage of all her poses can be seen on the wall leading into the stylish restrooms.)..."
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Masu Sushi & Robata: A Sneak Peek
The new Tim McKee-approved sushi restaurant will surely prove to be Northeast’s darling new hotspot for the stylish set.

Written by Mecca Bos
"The latest effort by chef/consultant/gastronomic superstar Tim McKee, Masu Sushi & Robata will surely prove to be Northeast’s darling new hotspot for the stylish set. And stylish you will have to be to glam it up in these sleek new digs that feel like a cross between a teenage boy’s anime fantasy and a cover of Conde Nast Traveler.
Clean white lines make a nice backdrop for colorful, artistic touches that vie for attention with one another like the cast of Looney Tunes. Over here—Japanese war movies on flat screen! Over there—a wall of Japanese money dolls so colorfully rendered they’re mesmerizing. Over here—a series of gorgeous Pachinko machines, a national obsession in Japan. ..."
Read more at Twin Cities Metro.

Masu Sushi & Robata: A sneak peek Inside
Written by Joy Summers, Friday, April 15 2011
.... " The room is filled with hip, thoughtful design details, the handiwork of the creative minds at Shea, Inc. ..."
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